Stand with CWA Verizon workers

Stand with our brothers and sisters who went on strike against Verizon.  Sign this petition!!


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The Wisconsin Right to Work (for less) has been overturned by a Wisconsin Judge.


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CWA City Council Summer Picnic July 23rd

CWA City Council is planning the next Summer Picnic at the Pevely Teamster Park.  The date for the picnic this year is July 23rd.

Here is the link to the park system.

Please plan to attend, this is a great time to have fellowship with your fellow union brothers and sisters as well as all retirees.

Everyone is invited!!!



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National Call Center Bill Plan

In 2016, CWA will be aggressively pursuing this issue in 2016.  Please read the information attached as we move forward.  Below is the context of the bill:

The United States Call Center Worker and Consumer Protection Act (HR 4604)
With the decimation of manufacturing in the U.S., many communities committed millions in taxpayer dollars to fund incentives for companies opening customer service/call center jobs in their communities.  However, the last decade has seen a number of those jobs now being shipped overseas, with companies pocketing taxpayer dollars and off-shoring the call center jobs just a few years later; leaving those communities devastated once again with job losses and lost financial investments.
Oftentimes, calls into service centers go to countries where workers are exploited and/or human resource and information security practices are far inferior to those in the U.S.  These centers are often referred to as modern day sweatshops.
A PricewaterhouseCoopers survey found that 83 percent of Indian outsourcing companies surveyed had information security breaches during the previous year.  There is a strong link between overseas call centers and security problems, putting American consumers at risk for identity theft, fraudulent transactions, and general mishandling of sensitive information.
A growing trend for Indian call center companies is to subcontract the call center work out to other politically volatile countries, that often times have even worse security protections.
U.S. taxpayer money should not be awarded to companies that make a practice of sending U.S. jobs overseas. This epidemic has resulted in greater job losses here in the U.S and the erosion of middle class communities while risking the data of millions of American consumers.
If passed, this bill would accomplish the following things:

Create a ‘bad actor’ list of U.S. Companies that make a practice of sending U.S. jobs overseas: It would require a publically available list, kept by the Department of Labor, of all employers that relocated entirely or a significant portion of their call center or customer service work overseas.  These companies would be ineligible for Federal grants or guaranteed loans.  Preference will be given to U.S. employers that do not appear on the list for awarding civilian or defense-related contracts.  Employers that relocate a call center will remain on the list for up to 5 years after each instance of relocating a call center.

List removal: If a ‘bad actor’ relocates a call center into the U.S. (brings jobs back) they will be removed from the list.

Disclose Call Center Location to U.S. Consumers: It would require the relocated overseas call center agent to disclose their name and physical location of their operation.  For example, a customer may hear, “Hello, my name is Jane from Manila.”

Right to Transfer: U.S. consumers would reserve the right to request the call be transferred to a customer service agent who is physically located in the U.S.
For more information, contact Shane Larson, CWA Legislative Director, at or  Charlie Ramos, Senior Campaign Lead, at




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at$t Shareholders Meeting Proposals

Below are the CWA National’s proposals on voting your proxies for the at$t Shareholder’s Meeting.




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March of Dimes Fundraiser

Tammy Benne and Terri Luckert, Members of the CWA local 6350 have been participating in the March of Dimes walk for nearly 18 years.  The March of Dimes has always helped with the health of premature babies so the child can live a normal healthy life. The name of our team is CWA local 6350 Toll 4 Tots.

Please access the URL below and donate to the March of Dimes. The web site is very secure for for debit/credit cards and your donation is tax deductible. The March of Dimes, as always, appreciates your donation and your generosity.

Tammy and Teri thank you, in advance, for your support for this very worthy cause.






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Working to fight Right to Work

Executive board worked the Missouri hill, visiting Missouri Reps, asking them to NOT support Right to Work (for less).

image image image image

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Another round of Surplus/VTP

When will the bleeding stop?  Attached is the latest VTP/Surplus from AT$T.



ATT04A 3 15 16 [152419]

VTP OFFER 3 15 16 [152423]

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Calling all Alcatel_Lucent Retirees

An important message from our CWA Staff Rep Isa Shabazz.  Isa outlines the illegal raiding of the Retiree Pension fund at Alcatel_Lucent.  We need your help writing the Board of Directors and your Congressmen/Senators.  Sample letters are attached.  Please help!


Communications Workers of America AFL-CIO, CLC
501 Third Street, N.W. Washington, D.C. 20001-2797 202/434-1296 ~ Phone 202/434-1308 ~ Fax
Isa Shabazz Staff Representative Telecommunications & Technologies
March 11, 2016
To: Locals with Alcatel-Lucent/Nokia Retirees
From: Isa Shabazz
Subject: Urgent Mobilization Needed

Brothers and Sisters,
We need your help!  Attached are sample letters we are asking Alcatel-Lucent retirees to send to their members of Congress as well as a letter to the AlcatelLucent Board of Directors.  (We have also attached the names and addresses of the Alcatel-Lucent Board of Directors.)
Alcatel-Lucent is stealing from the unionized workers pension fund to pay their obligations for the underfunded management pension fund. As I hope you know, CWA and IBEW have filed a lawsuit to stop the plunder and we need everyone’s help.  Today this is about Alcatel-Lucent, tomorrow this could be anyone’s pension fund being raided. Please get this out to the Retiree’s and help us stop this Corporate greed!
In Unity,


Alcatel-Lucent Board of Directors 3 11 16 [152404]



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Meet and Greet 2016

So so proud to support Pat Contreras for Missouri State Treasurer!!! Pat came to the building and took part in a meet and greet with CWA 6350 union members and management.


image image image



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