Emergency Meeting today

Thank you to all the members that came out to the Emergency Meeting today.  Given the urgency from CWA National, we now understand what we need to do.  If you didn’t make the meeting, please see Secretary Debbie Horn for your personalized paperwork immediately.  CWA BROTHERS AND SISTERS…we officially have our marching orders.

Stand up/Fight Back!!unitedwebargain1

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Day 18 NO PENSIONS?????

Day 18 and over the weekend the Company OUTRIGHT rejected the Unions Pension Improvement Proposals…they are hell bent of getting outta of the Pension business at your expense.  And YET….they have the GALL to post the Compensation Package including PENSIONS that Stephenson and his Cronies get…….just disgraceful.



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CRITICAL Conference Call Tonight

Legacy T locals have been notified to be on a ALL HANDS Conference Call this evening at 9PM EDT with the CWA Bargaining Team.

Based on the outcome of this meeting, if you are following us on Facebook, we will creating a Closed Group Page to better secure our communications for CWA MEMBERS ONLY.

More to follow as details become available.

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Day 17 CWA/AT$T Bargaining

Today we countered with Pension improvements as well as improvements to training in order to build on the skill set of our members.


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Day 16 CWA rejects Pension Freeze

Yesterday the Union flatly rejected the Pension Freeze proposed by the company.



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CWA/AT$T Bargaining Day 15

AT$T has no intention of giving us access to jobs in the areas of the company that are growing…..CWA wants job security for the Legacy T workers that help build this network and we want to improve the benefits that new and newer hires have.  We are all contributing to a VERY profitable bottom line, we deserve a fair and equitable contract and jobs as technology progresses.



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Strike Vote Authorization

Local Secretary Debbie Horn getting ready for our Strike Authorization Vote today at the Toll Building.  A lot of members made it down for the vote and those that couldn’t get away from their desks, we visited personally to make sure we get a strong vote.  If you are an outside worker, please take time and return your ballot.  It means so much to show our support for the Bargaining Team and President Cohen, that we are READY TO WALK.

We also published a flyer showing that we are updating this website as well as Facebook and Twitter, to make it easier for you to stay updated.



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Day 14…seriously…..I am not kidding about NO Pensions

Day 14 and who could think it could be more disrespectful and disgusting….the company continues to SINK to new lows as they tout WORKFORCE 2020…



They have absolutely NO intention of keeping us around to share in this work and the HUGE profits they are making off our backs as we build this VOIP network.


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Mobilization reports from around the Country

All locals are gearing up and participating in Mobilization activities, read on!!




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Day 13 CWA/AT$T Bargaining…NO PENSIONS

Friday CWA met in sub-committee so nothing to report from that, but Monday was a different story.  The company came back out and clearly stated it has NO intention of keeping Pensions.  And just to clarify, not only do they intend on eliminating Pensions for new hires, they also have NO intention of making any new contributions or improvements for YOURS.  They have stated they intend on stopping contributions to Pensions.  NO contributions in the last 5 years of your employment.  This is serious folks.



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