CWA/AT$T Bargaining Update Day 1…..We are overpaid and spoiled

AT$T Bargaining began yesterday and already we have been told that we make too much money and New Hires don’t “really” want a Pension….REALLY????

Read on for the rest of Bargaining Update:

We will not take RETROGRESSIVE Bargaining.  Period.

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CWA Local 6350 Union Member of the Month

CWA Local 6350 recently started the Union Member of the Month.  We want to show our appreciation for our members who has the unions back and supports us!!  Debbie Flynn consistently shows that she is a true union member through and through and we appreciate her as an outstanding member.  CWA Local 6350 President Sid Horn and EVP Ron Gompers presented Debbie with a certificate of our appreciation and a small gift to show how much we need members like her!  Rock on Debbie!!



Thank you Debbie for all you do!!


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CWA Bargaining Kickoff!! AT$T needs to know we are serious!!

CWA Bargaining kicked off today, one month from the contract expiration with AT$T.  We are ready to go to the mat and do whatever it takes for a fair and equitable contract.  The recent Fairpoint Strike just shows what we can do with union solidarity and willing to go ONE DAY LONGER.  We are better prepared for this fight, more so than in previous years.  Please understand that your participation in our Mobilization activities makes us strong and lets our bargaining committee know that you are committed to keeping your benefits and wages and NO RETROGRESSIVE BARGAINING.  THIS IS YOUR CONTRACT, NOT CWA’S.  LET DO THIS!!!


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A Retiree Thank you!!

A very nice Thank you from a new Retiree, You will be missed!!

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We are now on Facebook and Twitter!!!

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2015 ATT Bargaining Meetings…it’s about to get real folks!!! GET READY

President Sid Horn updates his phone with important notes on our ATT bargaining strategy for 2015 Contract talks.

Secretary Debbie Horn listens to our 2015 Bargaining Strategy at the Telecommunications and Technologies Conference




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January 7th VTP OFFER

CWA Local 6350 Union Brothers and Sisters,

Below is the latest VTP information that was released today.  AT&T continues to dimish our bargaining unit.  We continue to be inundated with work but the Company continues to downsize us.  We need to be ever vigilant about WHO is doing our work and where it is going.   There can be no SURPLUS declarations until April 2013 per our contract.  Again AT&T continues to increase their profits on the backs of it’s workforce, working to undermine the US economy by off shoring and contracting out good Union American jobs.   Please contact me if you have any questions.

In Unity,

Sid Horn

CWA Local 6350


Union FAR GCA City State(s) Job Title / Job Title CodeFull time/Part time       VTPCap

CWA    1     083 Piscataway NJ  Customer Switch Technician 2059  Full time           4

CWA    1     083 Piscataway NJ Customer Mtce  Technician 2050     Full time           3

CWA    1      083 Piscataway NJ Reports Clerk 2983                            Full time         1

CWA    1      101 Huntington NY Communications Technician 0123   Full time           1

CWA    1      105 White Plains NY Communications Technician 0123  Full time          5

CWA    1      105 White Plains NY CSDG Assemblers 5220                     Full time       1

CWA    1      044 Annapolis MD Communications Technician 0123      Full time          1

CWA    1      046 Frederick MD Communications Technician 0123        Full time          1

CWA    1      002 Newington CT Communications Technician 0123       Full time          1

CWA    2      423 Des Peres MO Customer Service Associate 1 9892     Full time         1

CWA    2      522 Dallas TX Communications Technician 0123               Full time           6

CWA    2      253 Birmingham AL Teleconference Specialist 9993         Full Time         70

CWA    2      423 St. Louis MO Communications Technician 0123        Full Time            6

CWA   2       423 St. Louis MO CSSA 5207                                                  Full Time          20

CWA   2      423 St. Louis MO Senior Operations Clerk 0121                Full Time           1

CWA  3       646 Minneapolis MN Teleconference Specialist 9993       Full Time             8

CWA  3       625 Plymouth MI Communications Technician 0123       Full Time              4

CWA  3       551 Chicago IL Communications Technician 0123           Full Time             2


CWA Various CA Various Dallas, Decatur, Oak Lawn TX, GA, IL Career Support Coordinator 0308 Full Time 2



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Union Designated Holiday Vote Results

Fellow Union Brothers and Sisters,

The Votes have been tallied and the Mambeship has choosen to designate the Day after Thanksgiving as a Union designated holiday for 2013 thru 2015.  110 votes were casted.  Below is the voting breakdown.
99 votes for The Day after Thanksgiving
6 votes for keeping as a Floating Holiday
2 votes for Good Friday
1 vote for Veterans Day
2 Spoiled Ballots
In Unity
Sid Horn
CWA Local
6350 President
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Legacy T and AT&T Puerto Rico Contracts Ratified

Aug 17, 2012


The votes have been counted, and the Legacy T contract was ratified by 67.6%.  The AT&T Puerto Rico Contract was ratified by 90%.  As soon as we have information on the date you will receive your retroactive pay, we will get it out to you.


Our Bargaining Teams want to thank you for all your support during these difficult months; particularly those Locals that worked so hard on their mobilization efforts.

Mobilization isn’t just for Contract time.  In addition to supporting our brothers and sisters in Districts 1, 9 and 3, (whose vote on their TA is not complete,) and Verizon and the upcoming Mobility, District 6 Contracts, it is a powerful weapon to deal with ongoing issues we are sure to have with AT&T.

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Results of CWA Local 6350 Contract Ratification Vote

Fellow Union Brothers and Sisters,
The contract ratification vote for our Local has been tallied.  The results are:
81 YES
29 NO
The T&T office will be releasing the over-all vote either late Thursday or Friday.  I will update you as soon as I have the final count.
In Unity,
Sid Horn
CWA Local 6350
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