Mobilization Efforts slowing down with TA

With the Tentative Agreement in place, our local is slowing down our Mobilization efforts for now.

For those of you who Stood up for this Union by not working Overtime, we feel as though we can go back to working it now. We were able to back AT$T down on most of their retrogressive demands.

However, if there is some bad components of the TA that are apparent and we decide not to Ratify it….we will back AT A MOMENTS NOTICE, PUSHING MOBILIZATION EFFORTS AND REFUSING OT AGAIN.

Again…Thank you to all the members for holding the line and standing up for a fair contract!

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Right to Work (for Less) passed in Missouri

Right to Work has passed in Missouri but should lack the votes needed to override the anticipated VETO by Governor Jay Nixon.

We must talk to our neighbors, family and friends and educate them as to really how bad Right to Work is for every worker in Missouri.  Veto session will be in September.

Please ask them to contact their Reps and Senators now!!!

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Contract Explanation Meeting – June 4 @ 5:00PM

Contract explanation meeting will be held on June 4th,  at 5:00pm at the CWA Union Hall, 2258 Grissom Drive, St. Louis, MO.

We will have a full contact explanation.

Ratification Vote will follow on June 17th.  Vote will be conducted at the ATT Building in the Olive Room.

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Detailed Summary of the Tentative Agreement

Below is the link for the Summary of the TA.

We would like to Thank our Phenomenal Bargaining Team, who was able to beat back most of the Retrogressive offers the Company tried to shove down our throats.

But most of all we would like to Thank YOU, the Members of this Local, who helped in all Mobilization activities, Not working OVERTIME and participated in events that clearly let AT$T know that we built this company and we deserve a fair paycheck, fair health benefits and a future with this company.

You ROCK!!!!!!

President Horn will be attending the Contract Explanation meeting this weekend and we will be holding meetings to share his findings.  After that, we will prepare for a Contract Ratification Vote.



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We have a TA…but it’s not over!!

We have a Tentative Agreement with Legacy T. More details to follow!!!

But this is NOT a contract. We still have to ratify this agreement.

Get Loud!!

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Brothers and Sisters of CWA Local 6350

Brothers and Sisters of CWA Local 6350,

Each local president and executive board make the choices on how best to lead their local, especially during bargaining a contract. During this round of bargaining with AT$T, several locals have walked their members out conducting what’s called a grievance strike. Grievance strikes are permissible during bargaining to settle local issues that the company is unwilling to address.

We don’t have any unsettled issues so we have taken a stand to not work overtime during bargaining.

Boycotting overtime is CWA Local 6350’s way of creating an Electronic Picket Line. It is important for us to stand united against the company as they try to erode our rights, our benefits and our jobs.

When you work overtime, you are making a decision to cross our picket line. Please understand that you aren’t just working your overtime, you are working your co-workers overtime also. Each and everyone of us have bills to pay, so please don’t use that as an excuse. None of us are better than another.

Our strength lies in believing in each other and having each other’s back. We are far stronger United than being divided by the almighty dollar.

If you aren’t willing to give up a couple hours of overtime, how can we believe that you would be willing to walk shoulder to shoulder with us on the real picket line?

Tough times are what define us. Our legacy should be protecting the benefits that have been fought for many many years ago…..standing side by side, brother and sisters in this fight.



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Bargaining Report #40

Bargaining went well to midnight and still no agreement.  Grievance strikes are going across the country!!!  Mobilize!!!

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Make your voice heard!!

Missouri Members we need your help!!  Contact your Representative and ASK THEM TO VOTE NO ON RIGHT TO WORK!!  It is bad for all Missourians.

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Bargaining Report #39

Bargainers went all weekend, and still no agreement.  Grievance strikes have started across the country.  We really need to let the company know LOUDLY that we deserve a fair contract.

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THANK YOU CWA LOCAL 6350 MEMBERS!!  You have made us, far and away, one of the most active locals in the country.

Now is NOT THE TIME TO SLOW DOWN.  AT$T is bending, we need them to break.


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