It’s that time of year again!!

2017 St. Louis Labor Day Parade
September 4, 2017 9:00am

CWA will line up at the corner of 16th and Locust Streets


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The Fight to repeal Right to Work (RTW)

CWA Local 6350 is committed to the working people of this state, all workers whether they are unionized or not.  Everyone deserves a fair wage and not one dictated by the big Corporate Lobbyists and our Legislature, who is in the pockets of those exact Corporate Lobbyist.  We are joining the AFL-CIO in the fight to repeal RTW, but we need your help!  We will be having meetings soon to discuss in detail our game plan!!

rtw1 rtw2rtw4rtw3

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Getting ready for the fight of our lives!!



Last week CWA Local 6350 attending the At$t Shareholders Meeting in Dallas.  CWA let At$t know that we are ready for our Fight!  Legacy T might be small but we will have one of the most experienced bargaining team in all of CWA!  Click the link above to see us in action!





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Rally @ Shareholders Meeting

Legacy T is ready for our fight in 2018!!  President Horn leading the charge!!


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Contract 2018 is one year away!!!

We have our last contract raise this week…now’s your chance to put that money back in a strike fund!!

Technicians will make $48/week and Noa’s, Soa’s, CSA’s, and CSSA’s will make $37/week more.

Start now and you can save $2496 and $1924 respectively!  Work OT, put that money back also!!

We are preparing for the fight of our lives.  THIS MAY BE THE LAST CONTRACT WE EVER HAVE!!!!

APRIL 14, 2018




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American Income Life Beneficiaries Letter

As we do every year, CWA Local 6350 will be mailing out letters regarding your Life Insurance policies that are provided by American Income Life and CWA Local 6350.  You are covered with a no-cost $4000 Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefit.  American Income Life Insurance Company is a 100% union company serving working families just like yours.

Please return the card so that you may receive your certificate of coverage and designate your beneficiary.  If you do not name your beneficiary, the $4000 would be paid to your estate and may be taxable.

If you return the card, you will also receive a Health Services Discount Card for you and your family at no cost that provides household discounts up to 60% on prescriptions, hearing care, vision care/products, and chiropractic care.  Optional discount dental is available.

You are covered whether you fill out the card or not, but there are lots of good discounts available on additional Life Insurance and prescription discounts.


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Congratulations to our new CWA Retirees!!

The new group of CWA Local 6350 Retirees. The Local is proud to present each Retiree with a Retirement check! We wish these fine folks, Good Luck and Happy Happy Retirement to Bill, Debbie, Tammy, Bruce, Sharon, Mike, Mary and Brent!!!


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New Retiree! Congratulations!!

Congratulations to Cathy Karkut, CWA Local 6350 member who is retiring.  CWA was proud to present her with a Union retirement check.  Just another perk of union membership.


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CWA 6350 Awards from CWA District

awards1 awards2

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Another round of Surplus/VTP

When will the bleeding stop?  Attached is the latest VTP/Surplus from AT$T.



ATT04A 3 15 16 [152419]

VTP OFFER 3 15 16 [152423]

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